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Hair & Square - We make African hair styling in Copenhagen

Looking for a new and exciting hairstyle? Then African Hair styling and African braids might be a good choice for you. African braids have many advantages. In addition to being beautiful and stylish, African braids are also great if you want a personalized hairstyle that is easy to maintain and protects your hair from breakage and damage.

At our hair salon Hair & Square in Copenhagen we offer you a professional and reliable treatment, where we create beautiful African braids just according to your wishes.

We are specialized in African hair styling and African braids

African braids, which are also called “box braids”, are a popular hairstyle among many.  African braids are made with a special technique where you tie artificial braids or your own hair in a tight braid across the scalp. The braid then continues downwards. The hairstyle is popular because it is versatile, personal, durable and has a stylish look.

At our salon in Copenhagen, we specialize in creating African braids that are beautiful and long-lasting. The braids are made to suit your hair type and your wishes. At Hair & Square we offer different styles and sizes of braids, so you are free to choose the look you want. If you want extra details in the braid, such as beads or ribbons, to make the look more unique, this is also an option.

The origins of African hair style

African braids originated in Africa and since then the hair style has spread all over the world. African braids have been around for a long time. The braids date back to ancient times. The main purpose of braids was as a practical hairstyle, where the hair was protected and styled at the same time. African braids symbolized social status and cultural belonging. Over time, African braids have become popular around the world, appearing fashionable and stylish. The hairstyle attracts positive attention and has been part of fashion for generations.

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Do you want to have beautiful African braids?

In our salon we specialize in making beautiful and durable African braids in the style that you want. We are very experienced and take the time to listen to your wishes. We are also available with recommendations for styles and sizes that suit you.


With us, you’ll receive thorough instruction on how to best maintain and care for your braids so they stay healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. You can easily book an appointment online or by phone and we’ll make sure you get the finest braids. At our salon in Copenhagen, we take care of all things hair-related. Then you can just relax and enjoy the time and your new beautiful hairstyle.

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