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Visit our hair salon in Store Kongensgade (close to “Marmorkirken”) in Copenhagen. We provide customized solutions according to your wishes.

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Hair & Square - Experts in wigs and styling

Hair & Square offers a professional selection of wigs and can assist you to find the perfect wig that you can wear for any occasion. The reasons for getting a wig can be many. Whether you wish to transform your look for a party, cosplay or because of hair loss related to illness, our skilled team is always ready to advise and guide you on wig selection, styling and maintenance of the wig for optimal results.

We customize wigs according to your wishes and needs

Hair & Square specializes in customizing wigs in different styles, colors and lengths. Our wigs are exclusively made of high quality materials and human hair and  according to your preferences. Our wide range of wigs allows us to offer wigs with different cap types that can be designed to fit different head shapes and sizes. The customizability of the wigs ensures a comfortable fit. We understand that it can be very challenging to find a wig that suits your wishes and needs and that you feel comfortable with. Hair & Square is ready with personal and professional advice in relation to the choice and customization of the wig and is looking forward to assist you finding the perfect wig that matches your expression and style.

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Where do wigs originate from?

The history of the wig can be traced back to antiquity, where wigs were worn daily by both men and women in different cultures as an important part of their attire. In Egypt, the pharaohs wore wigs. Wigs were also popular among the Roman and Greek aristocracy.

To this day, wigs continue to be used as part of fashion and style. Wigs can also be used by people suffering from hair loss due to illness or medication. Wigs are also used in theater and film productions to create realistic characters and authentic costumes.

Book an appointment for a wig fitting in Copenhagen

Hair & Square is dedicated to assist you in finding the right wig and offers many different kinds of wigs made of human hair and from durable materials.Hair & Square has many years of experience with wigs and will guide you through the entire process – from choosing a wig, applying and attaching the wig, to maintenance and styling.


Don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment online to get a beautiful wig in central Copenhagen. We are looking forward to create your dream look with a wig that you feel comfortable with!

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