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Visit our hair salon in Store Kongensgade (close to “Marmorkirken”) in Copenhagen. We provide customized solutions according to your wishes.

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Hair & Square - We make beautiful Cornrows in Copenhagen

Are you thinking of having cornrows made? There are many reasons to get cornrows done. Cornrows can protect hair from styling products and heat treatment. In addition, cornrows are virtually maintenance free and can be designed just the way you want. At Hair & Square in Copenhagen we are experienced and specialized in making beautiful cornrows braids and other types of braids.

We are specialized in making elegant cornrows

Our stylists are trained to make different types of cornrows braids, just according to your wishes. Besides cornrows braids we can also do other types of braids such as kinky twists, box braids, and much more. Whatever type of braid you want, we will create a beautiful result, based on your wishes and personal style.

Whether you want a simple look or more detailed cornrows, we are ready to help you at our salon Hair & Square in Copenhagen. We can both help you choose the right style and pattern for your hair, and also advise you on how best to maintain and care for your braids.


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At Hair & square we work professionally with cornrows and offer a wide range of braiding techniques to give your hair the look you want. We also offer other treatments, such as hair styling, blow drying and more, so you can be sure to get the best service and experience when you visit our hair salon. Book an appointment online here, or contact us by phone here.

Where do cornrows braids originate from?

Cornrows braids have a long history. Cornrows have been a part of African culture for centuries, and braids can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Here, cornrows were a symbol of social status, allowing people to decorate their hair while caring for it and protecting it from the sun, wind and weather.


Today, cornrows have become very popular all over the world. The hairstyle is one of the most popular and traditional African hairstyles, and is part of modern hair fashion worldwide. Cornrows differ from regular braids as they are braided tightly and tightly braided along the scalp. The braids can be quite simple or more complex. The patterns can vary from simple designs with straight lines to more sophisticated designs where the lines are twisted.

Benefits of cornrows

Below are some good reasons to get African braids: 

Give us a call or book an appointment online if you are want to get African braids. We look much forward to helping you!

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