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Visit our hair salon in Store Kongensgade (close to “Marmorkirken”) in Copenhagen. We provide customized solutions according to your wishes.

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Hair & Square - experts in hair extensions

Do you want thicker or longer hair? Hair thickness and length vary greatly from person to person. Some hairs have a very hard time growing hair quickly, and some find that their hair gets thinner during periods in their life. With hair extensions it becomes possible to fulfil the desire for beautiful and full locks easily and quickly. At Hair & Square in Copenhagen we work professionally with extensions and we are ready to create your dream hair, so you can achieve longer and thicker hair.

Choose a professional hair extensions hairdresser

If you are considering on applying extensions, it is important to choose a professional who has experience with extensions to apply them. Having an experienced stylist will ensure that the application of your extensions creates a natural look. In addition, it ensures that your extensions have a high durability and do not damage your natural hair.

In our hair salon in Copenhagen we are specialized in the application of extensions. We make sure that you get the best treatment and advice about your new extensions.

After applying your extensions, we take the time to advise you on how best to care for your extensions so that they remain beautiful and durable. Every client is entitled – normally without extra cost – to get their extensions repaired and adjusted.

At Hair & Square we offer many different types of styling. We are specialized in making beautiful Box braids, Cornrows, and African hair styling.

Beautifull wigs @Hair&Square

Book an appointment for hair extensions in Copenhagen

Whether you are looking to get more volume, longer hair or just a change in your hair, our hairdressers are here to help you.

In our hairsalon in Hair & Square in Copenhagen we are working professionally with application og hair extensions. We offer a wide range of hair extensions, so we are able to give you the hairlook that you desire. Contact os, or book an appointment online.  

Hair extensions to suit your hair type and wishes

One of the advantages of choosing hair extensions is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow out. Depending on your personal hair type, for some it can be very difficult to grow hair naturally, which can be frustrating if you want longer or fuller hair.


At Hair & Square we offer extensions made from real human hair for extensions to give the hair a natural look, and easy to style. Hair & Square offers a wide range of colors and lengths.


The installment of extensions can last approximately 2 months and the acquired natural hair can last much longer (years) with the correct maintenance.

Where do hair extensions originate from?

Hair extensions have been around for decades, and can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. Here, women used different wigs and hairpieces to try and give their hairstyles more volume and length. Today, there are several different methods of applying extensions. Hair & Square only uses extensions made from natural hair. Our extension has not received any kind of treatment such as coloring or bleaching

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